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Doris Eddy believed in the whole tradition of the horse and rider. She inspired anyone who came to the farm to learn about all living things and come to respect people, the earth and all animals through understanding their view; their way of being.

The Eddy Farm School continues this tradition teaching students about the whole horse from general horse care and riding to the importance of understanding herd dynamics; how we humans can incorporate ourselves into the herd and become respected within the herd.

The Eddy Farm School invites people from all walks of life and backgrounds to experience this special bond.

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Friends of Eddy Farm:
Good news!!!
Eddy Farm has received an anonymous donation of $10,000.00 for the rebuilding of the destroyed run in shed. However, the donation is a matching donation and there is an expectation that the Farm will raise the funds by June 2023 to match the $10,000.00. This run in shed is very necessary for the wellbeing of the horses that live in the pasture to protect them from the elements during cold weather and the flies during the summer months. Estimates have been obtained and the cost of rebuilding will be considerable as prices of construction materials have risen since building the first shed. We hope to rebuild as soon as possible weather permitting and availability of the contractor. Please consider a generous donation for this very necessary project.

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